About LKDevereux

I watched a late night arts programme many years ago in the 1980’s and saw an artist drawing an inverted ‘city scape’  with a very fine pen, it was fascinating. I thought, I have to get a pen like that, I went out and eventually found one. The first drawing I ever did with the pen was of three sheep lying in some straw. This began the affair with pen & ink.

I love the free flowing lines, the precision and the challenge. The addition of intense ink colouring helps to intensify the subject and adds drama to the finished piece.

Inspiration comes from within nature, ancient buildings in the landscape, a twisted wire fence beside a frozen beck, a weathered old breakwater along a deserted shoreline, the tattered figure of a solitary scarecrow  forgotten in a field, or even just a story that I may have read or heard.  However, I am also happy to produce commissioned work upon application.